Earth's Age in a Year
Click to view a PDF version.

Click to view a PDF version.

Back in March I attended an excellent Geology walk with Alan Bowring from Fforest Fawr GeoPark and SWOAPG, exploring the Geological history of the Brecon Beacons and beyond.

Since then I have been dabbling with a bit of design, as I struggled to comprehend the massive timescales we were discussing.  Alan gave a number of brilliant examples that translated the Earth's geological history into a 75 minute talk, a day, a human lifespan, a walk and a year and in partnership with SWOAPG and Alan, I have transposed the Earth's Age In A Year into an infographic.

My aim was to condense this complex information into a clear visual format, that enables viewers to comprehend massive amounts of time and our very small part within that.  This meant keeping the design simple and uncluttered.

I chose to use Geological strata lines inspired by Fan Hir as my dividing features for each month, taking on a calendar format and increasing the space for months with significant or multiple periods and events.  All of the colours have been inspired by the Geological Survey Map of Fforest Fawr Geopark, and I have attempted - where possible - to match appropriate colours to appropriate months.  For example, light blue has been used in December, the colour used for Carboniferous Limestone, which for this example is when these rocks first appear.

It is incredible to think how little time humans have been here on Earth and yet how much damage and destruction we are responsible for.  Only a united global approach can combat Climate Change, with everyone working together towards a shared vision for positive change.